Susan Boehnstedt

Independent Travel Consultant, Critics Choice Vacations
I was in my mid-teens, on adventure in Washington DC., when the travel bug first stung me. From that moment on, the opportunities that life offered my lust to experience the sights, sounds, cuisines and cultures of our world have taunted me. Upon graduating college, a favorable combination of circumstances granted me a total cultural emersion as an au pair in Germany and student of German language in Basel, Switzerland. The European travel bug gave me a new injection of wanderlust. During my university years I worked full-time in management roles for a major travel company; the exposure to corporate structure gradually evolved into a career directly overseeing 72 travel marketing representation offices around the world. Additional opportunities, as my career progressed, have afforded me growth in all facets of the travel industry. The World has exposed it’s wonders to me from the simplest to the most complex travel on land, sea and air. From rainforests of Latin America to views from the Eiffel Tower plus the most awesome and humbling natural wonders. From tasty street food to the most elaborate dining establishments and cuisines the world has to offer. From opulent accommodations at the world’s finest resorts to trekking the Galapagos. In 2002 I founded Critics Choice Vacations; moving forward ever since to share the marvels of travel with those who share my passion. To weave dreams and fantasies of exotic faraway places into reality. YOUR style of vacation.
Queen Creek, AZ
35 years
ACC, DS, Certified Alberta, Canada Specialist Certified Arctic Kingdom Specialist, Certified Aussie Specialist

Quick Facts

Travel Interests Adventure; Family Travel; Independent Tours; Ocean Cruising; River Cruising; Safari
Favorite Destination All of Europe, Canada and New Zealand
Best Travel Pro Tip With the airlines having so many delays or issues these days, I always suggest to purchase trip insurance which covers delays, baggage issues and if you have a customized trip following, it will cover many of the costs associated with having to move things around at last minute. Otherwise, you will often find yourself in final penalty.

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