Whitney Shindelar

Independent Travel Advisor, Undiscovered Sunsets
Undiscovered Sunsets was a long time in the making, even if I myself didn’t realize it. During my time at the University of Northern Iowa, I studied abroad in New Zealand. Upon graduating, I bought a one-way ticket to France, lived with a French family and studied with classmates from Turkey, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, and everywhere in between. In 2010 I began teaching English as a foreign language. This job quickly took me to China, where English teachers were in high demand and within three years, I began working in a 5-star hotel, speaking Mandarin throughout most of my day. In total, I lived abroad for 7 years. I consider Undiscovered Sunsets to be the perfect mélange of my personal experience traveling the world and my professional experience working in the hospitality industry. I look forward to designing your next adventure!
Des Moines, IA
7 years

Quick Facts

Travel Interests Adventure; Beach & Sun; Culture, History & Arts; Food & Wine; River Cruising; Safari
Favorite Destination Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, India, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Colombia, Chile, Mexico
Best Travel Pro Tip As often as possible, aim to travel in what I like to call the "secret season" - the weeks just before and after major holidays or that destination's peak travel season.

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