Jane Oliver Dunlap

Independent Travel Advisor, Holidays By Jane LLC
Travel has always been in my blood — from family trips to Europe staying in historic castle hotels, visiting Napoleon’s Tomb and eating pizza atop the Eiffel Tower — to traveling in Mexico and the US to Disney World, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, and dozens of other fantastic locations. My love for Central and South America was kindled during my work volunteering in Paraguay with Houston-based Amigos de las Americas. My passion for travel extended into college where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Texas A&M University. After a successful career in Logistics – operations management, warehouse design, hardware and software design, and transport of goods worldwide – I was able to realize my dream of attending the Cordon Bleu in Paris and exploring Bruges, Belgium. I recreated the movie In Bruges, staying in the same locations and visiting all of the landmarks made famous by the movie. Cruising has become one of my favorite modes of travel, so much so, I got married aboard a cruise ship in 2012. Mexico, rich in culture and fabulous destinations, will always be my most recommended getaway for value and overall experience. Today, I bring my detail-oriented logistics background to the travel industry, planning exceptional vacations with exclusive itineraries for my clients, focusing on their specific needs and requests including luxury travel, cruising, boutique tours, dietary restrictions, and accessibility. I look forward to partnering with you and your family to craft a unique and unforgettable adventure.
Houston, TX
9 years
Vela's Expert, Visit Mexico Destination Specialist, Visit Mexico Romance & Luxury Specialist, The Fives Downtown Hotel Specialist, Rocky Mountaineer Specialist

Quick Facts

Travel Interests Beach & Sun; Family Travel; Food & Wine; Honeymoons; Hotels; LGBTQ Travel
Favorite Destination Mexico, France, Italy, and Maldives
Best Travel Pro Tip My best pro travel tip is to always be completely mobile and only pack in a carryon rolling 21" bag, NEVER check luggage. You can always buy what you need at your destination. Invest in a quality piece of luggage that is going to last.

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