Expedition Cruise

Journey to the ends of the earth on a specially built expedition yacht

The Expedition Yacht Experience

From extreme polar regions to remote tropical isles, expedition yachts take you to the world’s most intriguing destinations with extraordinary insight. Let your inner explorer guide you in choosing the voyage that speaks to your own personal sense of adventure: Remote Expedition, Destination Exploration or Cultural Discovery.

Featured Partners

Crystal Expeditions - Explore Where Luxury Roams Freely
For nearly 30 years, Crystal has been a pioneer in innovative luxury travel, experienced in operating in some of the world's most remote locations, from Antarctica to the Northwest Passage. Now, Crystal Endeavor takes their passion for adventure into bold new territories.
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Silversea Expeditions
An expedition with Silversea luxury cruises is unlike any other form of travel — thrilling, awe-inspiring and humbling all at the same time. It takes you to some of the most remote regions of the planet and shows them to you intimately.
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Scenic Cruises - Scenic Eclipse
From the moment you step foot on board The World’s First Discovery Yacht, luxury is everywhere. Seamless and fluid, your time with Scenic will feel exclusive, elegant and luxurious. It’s in the way your private butler pours your perfect drink, just at the right moment.
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Popular Expedition Destinations

Explore immense glaciers and icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula; search for penguin colonies and seals, whales and seabirds.
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Since the animals here don’t fear humans, you can truly get up close and personal, looking into the eyes of a Galapagos marine iguana, and walk among penguins.
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Navigate the routes of explorers to discover remote Atlantic isles, from Cape Verde to the Canaries. Journey to Marrakesh and Casablanca, and revel in Costa del Sol Glamour of Marbella.
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The Arctic
The Arctic offers some of planet Earth’s most spectacular scenery, with a rich, vibrant cultural history, and amazing wildlife punctuating the incredible lands.
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Baltics and Norwegian Fjords
Embark on your next adventure today with a 6-star luxury Baltics or Norwegian Fjords cruise.
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