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River cruising is a relaxing, immersive and thoroughly enjoyable form of travel where you can enjoy ever-changing scenery along the banks of waterways such as the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Douro, Volga and Yangtze. Unpack just once on an award-winning, 5-star river vessel and journey into the very heart of iconic cities and charming towns.

Journey into the heart of Europe, Russia, Asia, Egypt and beyond on a culturally immersive scenic cruise. Whether you yearn to see the castle-lined Rhine, romantic Danube, historic Seine or vineyard-laced Douro, your river cruise with Montecito Village Travel begins here.

Featured River Cruise Partners

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Viking Cruises
More than 20 years ago, Viking's groundbreaking approach to river cruising set the standard. Now Viking's Ocean cruises are living up to the same standard by once again becoming rated the world’s best by Travel + Leisure readers.
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Ama Waterways
Family-owned and operated, AmaWaterways was founded in 2002 by three families; however, our river cruise story began well before that. Co-Founder and President Rudi Schreiner was born in Vienna, at the heart of the Danube.

Popular River Cruise Destinations

The Danube
Cruise through the magnificent Danube
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The Rhine
Discover the Enchanting Rhine
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The Mekong
Journey through Cambodia and Vietnam.
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Douro Valley
Rich culture and superior wine
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Wild life, beauty and natural wonders
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Popular River Cruise Experiences

Wine Cruise
Enjoy the vintage wines of Europe
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Europe Christmas Markets
Experience timeless holiday traditions in iconic capital cities
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Golf Cruises
Imagine golfing at world-class courses in different countries all on one trip
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Keukenhof Gardens
Visit fairytale windmills of The Netherlands
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Bike Tours
Bike through the historical towns and cities of Europe
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Exclusive Art Tours
Get exclusive private access to the world's best art museums
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