John Clifford

Independent Travel Designer, International Travel Management
We're guided by our passion for insipired experiences, fascinating people, architectural marvels, unique properties, cultural wonders and gastronomic masterpieces. As a multi award-winning travel design company, we open doors with our exclusive Black Book to craft moments and memories that can't be booked online. And our advice....is priceless! By keeping abreast of official sources on health, safety, openings, closings and the evolving world health scene, we help you make smart travel decisions, and we're here to support every step of the way. We make your journey as safe and seamless as possible by curating exclusive, private, close-in or remote destinations for you, drivable from home, or reachable by air or private jet. Online booking is just an impersonal transaction that does not confer wisdom or benefits. We offer both in spades by leveraging our deep relationships with all facets of the travel ecosystem from flight to transport to your hand-picked haven.
San Diego, CA
38 years
LS, Lifestyle Specialist: Luxury Travel, LGBTQ+ DS, Destination Specialist

Quick Facts

Travel Interests Culture; History & Arts; Honeymoons; Hotels; Independent Tours; LGBTQ Travel; Luxury Travel
Favorite Destination Italy; Costa Rica; Hawaii; Japan; Brazil
Best Travel Pro Tip Always buy travel insurance. It will pay for itself ten-times over the one time you need it. And most policies even cover covid related issues. Flying Business Class is worth its weight in gold.

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